Professional Motorsport

Öhlins has been present and dominated the racing scene for many years.

It's been the ground where our products can be tested and no short cuts are taken to find the last bit of performance. Öhlins cover the whole racing scene, from Formula One and single seaters to prototypes, touring cars, GT Racing and stock cars.

From specific shock absorbers to our kit system, there isn't a racing car where Öhlins shock absorbers can't fit.



The demand for a light weight damper with an integral reservoir, suitable for cars like Formula 3 or old-timers paved the way for the TTX36 Inline. This made the TTX36 possible to use where it previously...


The four-way adjustable TTX40. Winner in Le Mans, Indy Car, touring cars, sports cars and GT-racing. Among others. Ever since the its introduction this high-end level racing damper has been a winner...


The McPherson strut TTX46MT MkII - another high-level championship winning damper. It has featured heavily in GT, sports car and touring car success and is accompanied by the TTX40. The concept of this...